Water & Electrical Ports & Accessories

Locking Bulk Water Filler

These high quality Austrian made bulk water fillers feature a sturdy cap with a rubber seal, and a heavy cover for a sleek look and dust protection.  The caps are locking and the lock barrels can be key matched to your other Arctic Tern products.  Since these units can be matched to existing keys, they are sold with locking barrels, but keys are sold separately.

1 1/2" hose (You may need a reducer to fit this to a standard hose)

3/8" breather hose 

Bulk Water filler with lock barrel:  $67

Keys: $9 each​

City Water Hookup

This high quality Austrian made city water hook up port features a built in water pressure regulator and a heavy cover for a sleek look and dust protection.  A quick disconnect hose attachment allows quick and easy installation and one is included.  Buy extra disconnects for extra hoses.

3/8" hose

City Water Hookup with pressure regulator:  $229 includes 1 quick disconnect

Quick Disconnect Attachment for hose: $ 17 each​

Electrical Receptacle

These high quality Austrian made electrical receptacles feature a sturdy latching type connection.  The receptacle side has a heavy duty dust cover door.  The male plug is sold separately so that you can build as many cord inputs as you like.  When the plug is removed the latching door closes to protect the connectors. 

Electrical Receptacle:  $55

Electrical Plugs: $18 each 

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