Silaprene SolidBond

SolidBond Adhesive

· Formulated for assembly and repair in the heavy trucking industry

· Replaces rivets and mechanical fasteners in many applications

· Combines high strength and vibration resistance

· Safe and easy to use for a wide variety of demanding assembly applications

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SOLIDBOND™ is a one component, high strength bonding adhesive with excellent sealant properties that provides a permanently elastic bond to most substrates. SOLIDBOND™ is a moisture cured, non sag system, specifically developed for the fabrication and repair of trailers, trucks, buses, trains, RV utility bodies, van conversions and specialty vehicles.



· One component, ready to use, fast cure

· Low VOC, odorless and particularly low volume shrinkage

· Suitable for sidewall bonding applications

· Silicone free; sandable and paintable with most paints

· UV stable, heat and moisture resistant

· Broad adhesion spectrum to most substrates without a primer including; prepainted metals, plywood, glass, aluminum, steel, SMC, RIM FRP, Kemlite and many plastics and composites

· Non-staining

· White & Black


$ 21 per tube 

$224 per case ($18.66/tube)

No Split Cases