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Our products are simple by design, innovative, engineered, well built and reflect the depth of experience that we bring to this business venture. We depend on our products for our own adventures and feel confident in offering them to you for your next outdoor experience.

Arctic Tern Overlander

We are life long travelers who love the freedom of minimalist travel! Look for upcoming information about our ground breaking Arctic Tern Overlander.

Arctic Tern Collection

Tern Overland is proud to carry our Arctic Tern line of products.  We feature Windows, Roof Hatches, Entry Doors & Cargo Access Doors. These windows are built for us in China, from the finest components sourced from around the world, by EuroVision.  Other Components we sell are Water & Electrical Ports, AirFlo breathable, anti-bacterial/anti-fungal pads for using under anything that needs air circulation or rattles. Silaprene SolidBond Adhesive, NOVUS Cleaner & Polish, and HydroArmor Latex Undercoating.