Trends in Overland Campers

The rise of Overland Travel, has ushered in a new class of RV with an eye toward greater durability and functionality in remote settings. The trend in these heavy duty RVs (XVs), has mostly focused on carrying a similar level of luxury from traditional RVs into the outback. This has opened many doors to explore the harder to reach places for those who prefer their comforts. Unfortunately, the weight and size of these vehicles has not really changed. There has been little emerging technology applicable to true overland travel either, except from the builders of large overland rigs, and 4x4 trailers. Most of the innovation in smaller formats that you see, is coming from individuals. This fact has meant that many of the limitations of traditional RVs are still being felt. Some people opt for lighter/smaller options like, pop-ups, RTTs or ground tents, but these options are not so practical for people who spend long periods of time living from their vehicle, or for people who intend to keep rolling through the worst weather and climate conditions, or for people intent on exploring the deep back country or foreign countries in security. To meet these requirements, there has to be a new way of looking at the challenge of providing sustainable living accommodations across a broad spectrum of circumstances.

To be sure, designing for this use is a challenge. Sacrifices have to be made depending on what end of the spectrum you prefer. Overlanding is not just forest service roads, or one KOA to the next. It could be the ability to spend a peaceful night in an urban setting. In many cities and even small towns now, anyone sleeping in a vehicle is considered a vagrant. Any telltale sign that you are sleeping inside may bring a tap at the door at 2am. With the weather becoming more unstable, the chance of being caught in severe conditions unexpectedly is increasing. Of course, the backcountry is forever full of surprises.

Another aspect of the Overland movement is the possibility of needing a bugout vehicle. This is a perfect crossover for a light, agile, and truly self- sustained option.

This is where Tern Overland’s focus lies. We are life-long adventurers who love the freedom of minimalist travel! Look for upcoming information about our ground breaking Arctic Tern, Overlander.

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