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Come see us at Overland Expo West

David, Aimee, and the Tern Overland Team are in Flagstaff this month at booth A1 where we will have an Aterra Prototype and will be Introducing our new Expo Trailer.  

Overland Expo® is the premier overlanding event series in the world—no other event offers the scope of classes taught by the world’s leading experts alongside a professional-level trade show that brings together all the camping and vehicle and motorcycle equipment and services you need to Get Outfitted. Get Trained. Get Inspired. Get Going.

May 20 - 22, 2022

FRI 9-5, SAT 8-5, SUN 8-3
FT. Tuthill County Park in Flagstaff, Arizona


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Introducing Tern Overland Partners Outpost Vans and the "Mamba"


To take a closer look at the Mamba, featuring Arctic Tern windows from Tern Overland click here:

Outpost Vans encourages its customers to seek adventure!


As a full service van up-fitter and rental company, Outpost Vans has you covered whether you need a Sprinter RentalCustom Van Build, or A La Carte Install

Founded in 2018 Outpost Vans is San Diego's fastest growing custom van builder and adventure van rental agency. What makes Outpost Vans unique is not only do they build top-of-the-line and industry leading custom van builds; OPV also boasts a large rental fleet for customers to try out the adventure van life before making the commitment to buy. Outpost Vans also does a-la-carte installations of: Windows, Gear, Components, and more. Outpost Vans is a dealer for, and partnered with, the top names in the industry like Tern Overland and many many more. Get in touch with Outpost Vans to learn more about a custom van build, adventure van rental, or gear install today! 


Outpost Vans info: 

Location: Oceanside, Ca.

Year Established: 2018

Website: www.outpostvans.com 

Instagram: @outpostvans 

Contact: info@outpostvans.com



Visit Outpost Vans at the Adventure Van Series, Beasts of the Road 2022

Placerville, CA ~ June 4-5       North Lake Tahoe ~ Sept. 17-18       Big Bear, CA ~ Oct. 15-16

AT Overland’s Aterra XL Flatbed Camper

Ashley Giordano / April 29th, 2022

While I’m tucked into the warm camper bed, the wind howls outside. I don’t have to worry about an unattended ground tent liberating itself from the ground and tumbling away, nor any rooftop tent canvas flapping. I’m enveloped in a motionless cocoon, like a caterpillar protected against the elements. Ponderosa pines sway in the wind outside the portal window, stars shining bright during the cold night. I chuckle to myself, smiling in the dark. So, this is what it’s like to sleep in a hard-sided camper. What luxury.

For the past 20 years, Arizona-based AT Overland Equipment has offered solutions such as truck toppers, campers, storage accessories, and more for off-road and overland enthusiasts alike. There is no doubt the company has been foundational to the North American overland market; the popularity of the AT truck topper line is evident both online and in the wild.


Flarespace introduces their new MEGA Flare

The MEGA Flare is Flarespace's boldest, biggest product to date. Stretching from right behind the driver’s side door, all the way to the back of your van, the Mega Flare offers additional space inside your van for storage and sleeping.

Configure your MEGA Flare to maximize sunlight and ventilation with windows, or prioritize privacy and storage.


Driver side flares and passenger side flares available.

Browse Flarespace flare options and pick the mega flare that best suits your needs. 

MegaFlare vanpic.png

Tern Overland's COO attends Back to Baja Tour


Back to Baja 2022!

What an adventure!  Conceived by Keith of Flarespace and manifested by a team of innovators and visionaries from Flarespace, Storyteller Overland, Mercedes-Benz Vans – Warner, Rec Van Evictus, Van Builders, Owl Vans, CavVans, SEKR, Super 73, Volta and many others.  I was hesitant to attend this van festival in the middle of the Baja mountains in my Lexus GX470 and packing a tent.  Encouraged by some new Storyteller Overland friends, I called Keith for a VIP ticket, packed my gear, and left a week later.  I’m grateful I did because it was amazing.


Convoys of geared up vans and overlanding vehicles gathered at border crossings and traveled together to a dry lakebed snuggled into the mountains West of San Felipe, Baja.  A wagon wheel design with vans and other adventure vehicles filling in the spokes around a center entertainment hub soon took shape and formed a circle of trust and friendship.  Strangers became friends. Conversations segued from basic introductions to business and back to travel adventures and gear.  I don’t know how many times I heard the phrase, it’s such a small world!


COO of Tern Overland, Aimee Higgins in Mexico during the Back to Baja Tour

Everyone pushed their comfort zone and were expanded from the experience shared in this beautiful desert wilderness.  Whether you explored the many curated adventures on your own or went with a guided tour, the local beauty was discovered and enjoyed.  Live music has been sorely missed during Covid and the music each night moved the soul.  Café lights, meteor showers and fireworks lit up the deep, dark night sky.  The nighttime, gale force winds loaded with sand weren’t my favorite, but I embraced the full hurricane experience from the comfort of my green dome hub tent while the vans were rocked gently to sleep.


The Flarespace team and their sponsors coordinated an incredible event with the help of many local officials, businesses, and people from the San Felipe community.  Make sure you stay tuned for next year. You need to make the journey!


I fully support Storyteller Overland’s opinion “The way we see it, it’s not about the journey or the destination… it’s the people you connect with along the way that matter most!”


See ya on the road and hope we can share a story or two!



Aimee Higgins

Tern Overland Co-Founder, COO and Window Lady!

Enjoying an Expo/Rally near you from April till October 2022

Let’s Connect!! aimeehiggins@ternoverland.com


Facebook: facebook.com/ternoverland, Instagram: @ternoverland_arctictern


Learn more about the Stay Awesome 2022 Tour #BacktoBaja, #Flarespace, @storytelleroverland, StorytellerOverland.com/Events



Tern Overland's COO visits Midwest Overlanding and Off-Road Expo in Springfield, Missouri

It was the 2nd year for the Moore Expo and a variety of high-quality vendors and builders were in attendance such as Storyteller Vans and Global Expedition, Hiker Trailer, Bison Overland, TCTeardrops, Open Range, Cedar Ridge Trailers and many more.


Our own, Chief Operating Officer, Aimee Higgins had a blast getting to know the builders that live and work in the mid-west. The venue was mostly inside which was wonderful during the cold and windy opening day. The large outside section showed more trailers,  vehicles and specialty vendors. She thoroughly enjoyed visiting with Tern Overland OEM/Partner Bison Overland.  Bison Overland custom designed and built Down2Mob's new camper which was launched at the show. Bison Overland's full-size, over cab camper was a beautiful and warm retreat when it was super chilly outside. 

"The innovation we have in this country is impressive and the best place to experience it is at an Expo. There were many things to see and we know the Moore Expo will continue to grow and expand in years to come. Chris Holladay has a fantastic team pulling this show off. Tern Overland will be back next year for sure and recommends the Moore Expo." ~ Aimee Higgins



COO of Tern Overland, Aimee Higgins with Bison Overland Campers Team

The Down2Mob custom camper by Bison Overland Campers is mounted on a Jeep Gladiator and features an Arctic Tern Wildland's door, two Arctic Tern windows and an Arctic Tern cargo door.

Watch the unveiling of Phil's new camper and the first walk through of his Bison Overland Camper:


Tern Overland's COO travels North America in 2022

Attending Expos and Overland Rallies from Coast to Coast as well as Mexico and Canada.

Tern Overland Co-Founder and COO, Aimee Higgins, is hitting the road this year to visit partners, customers and friends all over North America.  Look for Aimee at the following events and say hi!


COO of Tern Overland, Aimee Higgins

Moore Expo

April 8-10  |  Springfield, MO

Back To Baja

April 21-24  |  Cerro Picacho del Diablo, Mexico

Adventure Van Expo Series

April 30 - May 1  |  San Juan Capistrano, CA

Overland Expo West

May 20-22  |  Flagstaff, AZ

NW Overland Rally

June 16-19  |  Leavenworth, WA

BC Overland Rally

June 23-26  |  Whistler, British Columbia

Overland Expo PNW

July 8-10  |  Bend, OR

Adventure Van Expo Series

July 16-17  |  Eagle County, CO

Rocky Mountain Overland

July 28-31  |  Gunnison, CO

Mid-Atlantic Overland Festival

August 11-14  |  Huntingdon, PA

Overland Expo Mtn West

August 26-28  |  Loveland, CO

Adventure Van Expo Series

October 1-2  |  Chattanooga, TN

Overland Expo East

October 7-9  |  Arrington, VA

Let's connect at an Expo/Rally near you this year!


Connect with Aimee:  










Tern Overland's Aterra Prototype travels across

North America


The first Aterra Prototype was released into the wild in June 2021 and has since gone over 22,000 miles in seven months, from AZ to the Arctic Circle in AK then to Cabo San Lucas at the bottom of Baja, México as well as exploring UT, MT, OR, CA, the Canadian Yukon Territory, Alberta, the Canadian Rockies and taking the Alaska Marine Highway to Alaska during Covid then returning to the US via the Alaska Highway.


A subsequent trip was taken to Baja, México for the Baja 1,000 desert race.

Thank you to our friends, Mac and Melanie, for sharing these amazing photos with us.



Price Announcement

Warm greetings as we move into Spring.


Tern Overland has done its best to keep costs managed since our last price increase August 15, 2021, despite the challenges we have overcome in the last year as David, our CEO, stated in his OEM email in January of this year.  Like you, we are seeing costs increase across the board and the recent spike in fuel costs and the potential for further hikes is a concern as it affects not only our incoming ocean shipments but outgoing freight and ground.

Considering this, we are forced to significantly raise our retail and wholesale prices on May 1, 2022. We are giving our retail and wholesale community a heads up so you can take advantage of the lower prices now. We have a fully stocked warehouse with quick turnaround times for you to stock up at the current prices. Summer is coming, let’s be prepared. Let us know how our Team can be of service. We appreciate your business and partnership.



Introducing Stocking Distributers for the Arctic Tern Product Collection from Tern Overland

Bringing our quality products directly to you.


Tern Overland is pleased to announce that CampervanHQ and Expedition Upfitter are becoming stocking distributors.


By mid summer both of these partners will be able to send Arctic Tern Products from their locations. Tern Overland will continue to drop ship and have a fully stocked warehouse as well.


Tern Overland has been working with Campervan HQ since 2018 and  Expedition Upfitter, who will also be shipping to our Canadian customers, since 2017.  In the years working with both companies, we have developed a trusted partnership built on honesty and integrity.




Limited quantities. Priced well below our cost.  Order directly through us for these items only.


500x700 B.jpg
640x600 R.jpg
400x700 T.jpg

Need access to your stuff?

The solution is with these high quality, water and dust proof cargo doors. 

Clearance Cargo doors have been marked down.

Gear Junkie's Bryon Dorr gets a first hand look at the Aterra


AT Overland Aterra prototype truck campers.


Out in the Wild With the AT Overland Aterra Truck Camper

by Bryon Dorr, February 14, 2022

The AT Overland Aterra truck camper has become reality.  Our resident overland expert Bryon Dorr got a chance to crawl around it in the wild and came away impressed.

From one of the original overland industry companies in North America comes a new take on the truck camper. The AT Overland Aterra is a unique expedition-quality hard-sided flatbed truck camper that has now made it into production.

Introducing Tern Overland's South African distributor of the Arctic Tern Product Line

Southern Africa Roadtrippers is a campervan and motorhome rental company in South Africa.


The team at SA Roadtrippers believes that life is simply too short not to travel and explore the world around us, which is why they’ve created a fleet of practical and comfortable campervans and motorhomes to help you make your way through South Africa.

"With hundreds of trips under our belt for both ourselves and our customers, we learned valuable lessons in building durable Motorhomes and 4×4 trucks that last in a demanding  vehicle rental fleet traveling in all road conditions in Southern Africa (including Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Swaziland)."

We hope that everyone who gets behind the wheel of  their vehicle build by Southern Africa Roadtrippers, has peace of mind and everything they need to seek adventure and create memories for many years to come.



Aterra XL Camper featured in January Issue of Tread Magazine

To subscribe to Tread Magazine or purchase your own copy of the January/February 2022 issue, click here:

Tread Magazine Layout 72dpi.jpg


For additional information on the AT Overland Aterra XL, visit the AT Overland website:

Hard-Sided Revolution,

The AT Overland Aterra XL Camper

was released by Tread Magazine, a guide to automotive adventure and outdoor lifestyle, covering everything from overlanding and off-roading to hiking and camping, in the January/February 2022 issue.


Story and photos by Bryon Dorr, Features editor for Tread Magazine who has worked as a photojournalist in overland, outdoor, and off-road arenas for more than a decade.

Read the full article, by Bryon Dorr of Tread Magazine, here:


Meet the Tern Overland Team

Take a tour of the Tern Overland offices and meet the people that help bring the Arctic Tern Product Collection to you.




Arctic Tern Window Installation Video
by Tern Overland Now Available Online




Check out the latest addition to our video library.

A step-by-step video with Ethan, Tern Overland's Senior Shop Manager and Team Engineer, installing our Arctic Tern Window.  Ethan reviews detailed instructions, tips and tricks on installing a window, appropriate for installation on all builds.

You can also find the video in the Window section of our Products page or in the video library on our Resources page.

Arctic Tern Roof Hatch gets 5 star rating from Truck Camper Adventure

Review of the Arctic Tern Roof Hatch.

Ask any truck camper owner and they will tell you that ventilation is important. Not only can proper ventilation keep your camper cooler in the summer, but it can also prevent condensation from accumulating inside in winter. It’s also a great way to remove odors. When it comes to air flow, the roof hatch is a great option. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of junk out there. We had already gone through the hassles of owning a substandard roof hatch in our last camper, so it was important to make the right decision for our new Bundutec Roadrunner truck camper. After looking at all of the options we decided to go with the best, most reliable roof hatch in the market: the Arctic Tern Roof Hatch. This is a review of that product.

The Arctic Tern Roof Hatch is made by the good folks at Tern Overland. Founded in 2017 and based in Prescott, Arizona, Tern Overland is known for making some of the best windows, roof hatches, and doors in the marketplace. The company has grown exponentially since then and now partners with an impressive number of companies as OEM, including Hallmark, AT Overland, Kimbo, and Bison Overland and recently entered the truck camper marketplace with its own outstanding truck camper design called the Aterra. Fortunately, the company will also sell it to DIYers as an aftermarket accessory, which is something that not all manufacturers are willing to do. As a local, Arizona-based company, we knew about Tern Overland and its reputation, so for us it was an easy decision to go with them.



Read the full article, by Mello Mike of Truck Camper Adventure, here:

Tern Overland no longer carries the manual roof hatches. To check out the Electric Roof Hatch and the Electric Deluxe Roof Hatch, click here:

Doing Research?

Check out the product features page with every product we sell. Find them on each product page and in Resources.

 It will make choosing our products easy and informative.



Shop with confidence, knowing you have
the best products for your build.

Loki Releases Photos and Specs of New Icarus Prototype

Loki Basecamp just released photos and specifications of its brand-new composite truck camper called the Icarus.

The photos, which were released by the Canadian-based manufacturer today, show an Icarus 8 prototype mounted on a Ford F-350 long-bed truck powered by the Power Stroke 7.3L Scorpion diesel. The company was hoping to reveal the camper at the recent Overland Expo West, but due to supply-chain issues was unable to meet that target date. The camper was first announced to the public in August 2021.


Read the full article, by Mello Mike of Truck Camper Adventure, here:

For additional information on the Icarus Prototype, visit the LOKI Basecamp website:


Loki Basecamp.JPG

AT Overland Aterra XL: The Composite Camper Revolution Continues


Aterra XL: Ultralight Composite Flatbed Truck Camper

Matt Swartz / October 26th, 2021

I remember Dave Soza leading me from the Tern Overland office into the workshop where he grabbed a scrap piece of composite material as well as a hammer. Placing the panel on the concrete slab between us, he began striking it, repeatedly, clearly putting some serious effort into the demonstration.

He turned to me, heart rate elevated from his effort, and smiled as we examined the material. Despite some superficial indentations, it was largely unharmed despite his efforts. “We’re designing an ultralight truck camper out of this”, he said, with a clever smile flashing across his face.

The Aterra XL flatbed camper is a collaborative effort between two household names (and leaders) in the overland industry: Tern Overland and AT Overland, both based in Prescott, Arizona.

The engineering behind this project was spearheaded by David Soza, the founder of Tern Overland. David is an individual with decades of experience in the world of fabrication and custom automotive projects. He’s been designing unique projects since the 80’s when he traveled around the country in a Honda civic. That experience inspired his first expedition vehicle which subsequently went on to compete in Four Wheeler Magazine’s Top Truck Challenge where it won the category of best engineered.

Gear Junkie names Aterra XL one of the "20 Best Adventure Rigs at Overland Expo West 2021"

by Bryon Dorr, October 4, 2021

Our resident overland expert, Bryon Dorr, scoured the 2021 Overland Expo West event in Flagstaff, Ariz., to find the coolest adventure rigs out there.

I’ve been at every Overland Expo West and East since 2012, living on the road full-time for almost 8 years during that period. So I’ve seen my fair share of cool overland adventuremobiles.

The 20 vehicles below are the overland adventure rigs that caught my eye at this year’s Overland Expo West event. There were cool rigs in every direction I looked, but these are the ones that stood out from the crowd.


AT Overland Aterra Camper

We broke the news about the AT Overland Aterra Camper back in February. Those early renders have now materialized into this truly impressive overland truck camper.

After Overland Expo West, we got a chance to go on an off-road adventure with Mario Donovan, AT Overland Equipment owner and product designer, in this RAM/AEV Aterra truck camper build for a proper deep dive. Full story coming soon.


Truck Camper Adventure rates the 10 Best Truck Camper Rigs at the 2021 Overland Expo West and the Aterra XL took top honors.

Read why the Aterra XL is the leader in the Truck Camper category and see the other campers on the list, including rigs from our partners: Nimbl, Hallmark Campers and Overland Explorer Vehicles.


Read the full article, by Mello Mike of Truck Camper Adventure, here:


For additional information on the AT Overland Aterra XL, visit the AT Overland website:


Aterra XL takes top spot in "10 Best Truck Camper Rigs" at the 2021 Overland Expo West

Tern Overland celebrates success at Overland Expo West 2021

by Raelynn Roderick

The Tern Overland Team returned from a successful weekend at Overland Expo where we unveiled two Aterra Prototypes at this year’s sold out event. Over 28,000 Overlanders from around the world attended the premier overlanding event series which featured 405 exhibitors of Overland, Adventure Travel, Outdoor, Camping & Motorcycle Gear & Equipment.


Overland Expo is the only event that offers the scope of classes taught by the world’s leading experts alongside a professional-level trade show that brings together all the camping and vehicle and motorcycle equipment and services you need.


Our team had a chance to talk to many of our wonderful customers, meet with some of our favorite OEMs and add new OEMs to our amazing lineup.  Our partners at AT Overland debuted the Aterra XL at their booth across the quad.  We had the opportunity to direct attendees to AT Overland’s booth where they could step inside the new Aterra XL and explore all the amazing features it has to offer.  Multiple leaders in the overlanding industry mentioned the Aterra Prototypes and the Aterra XL as the “talk of the expo”.


Our team of overland enthusiasts camped together in the on-site rustic campgrounds amidst the beautiful Flagstaff pine trees at Fort Tuthill County Park where we enjoyed nightly live music by our shop manager and visited with our friends from Teton X.

Tern Overland Aterra Prototype
Tern Overland Aterra Prototype

press to zoom
At Overland Aterra XL
At Overland Aterra XL


press to zoom
Overland Expo West 2021
Overland Expo West 2021


press to zoom
Tern Overland Aterra Prototype
Tern Overland Aterra Prototype

press to zoom
Tern Overland Aterra Prototype
Tern Overland Aterra Prototype

press to zoom
At Overland Aterra XL
At Overland Aterra XL


press to zoom
Overland Expo West 2021
Overland Expo West 2021


press to zoom
Tern Overland Aterra Prototype
Tern Overland Aterra Prototype

press to zoom

One of our Class M licensed team members took advantage of the Harley-Davidson Pan America Ride, test driving a Harley Davidson on the scenic roads of Flagstaff.  Other members participated in nightly happy hours sponsored by Toyo Tires, MB Quart, Equipt Expedition Outfitters and more. We all had a great time and returned home with t-shirts, stickers, patches, equipment for our adventure vehicles and accessories for our next camping adventure.


Thank you to all who stopped by to visit with us.  If you would like information on joining our team of OEMs, please contact us for more information or to fill out an application.



Arctic Tern Electric Deluxe Roof Hatch debuts at
Overland Expo West 2021

The Tern Overland Team unveiled their new Electric Deluxe Roof Hatch this weekend at Overland Expo.  The new roof hatch features a rain sensor designed to close an open roof hatch if it is raining and water contacts the sensor.  The rain sensor override switch allows for control over the rain sensor.  A motor disconnect switch interrupts power to the motor controller and allows operation of the roof hatch using the button on the trim.  A remote control opens and closes the roof hatch from a distance and a switch on the trim can operate the roof hatch without the remote.

Electric Deluxe Roof Hatches are currently in stock, ORDER YOURS NOW!


Come see us this weekend at Overland Expo West

Overland Expo 2021 Arctic Tern from Tern Overland Sprinters, Transits and Promaster vans, campers, trailers and custom truck builds.

David, Aimee and the Tern Overland Team are in Flagstaff this weekend manning booth A1 where we will have 2 Aterra Prototypes and our "mobile showroom" with us.  Also, our friends at AT Overland will be in booth Q35 debuting the Aterra XL. Stop by and say "Hi!"

September 24 - 26, 2021

FRI 9-5, SAT 8-5, SUN 8-3
FT. Tuthill County Park in Flagstaff, Arizona



Visit our Outlet page for deals on our 300x1100mm window. 


Regular price - $702

Sale ends October 15, 2021.


300x1100 Arctic Tern window on sale now!

Advanced RV, a Tern Overland OEM, makes news with the unveiling of the "Asteroid of Happiness"



For more information on Advanced RV and their custom Sprinter Motorhomes visit their website:

AdvancedRV logo.png

Enjoy this discussion and walkthrough of Asteroid of Happiness, an ARV B Box designed in collaboration with an artist and architect client.


Introducing our new Outlet page!

Purchase sale items directly from Tern Overland.

Click below to browse clearance items, sales and promotional items sold at reduced prices.

Order products we have in stock and have them shipped directly from Tern Overland in a matter of days.


Welcome to our Outlet page where you can find

Browse clearance items, end of year sales and promotional items

sold at reduced prices. Shipped to you directly by Tern Overland.


New Aterra XL Flatbed Camper to Debut at
2021 Overland Expo West


AT Overland will be debuting the new Aterra XL flatbed camper at the 2021 Overland Expo West in Flagstaff, Arizona, 24-26 September 2021.

Mello Mike of Truck Camper Adventure writes about the Aterra XL flatbed camper.  Read the full article here:

Aterra XL AT Overland
Aterra XL AT Overland Arctic Tern Tern Overland
Aterra XL Tern Overland Arctic Tern


For additional information on the AT Overland Aterra XL, visit the AT Overland website:



Another entrant in this burgeoning new class of compact, off-grid, van-based RVs.


by John Neff

Click below to read all about the new AEONrv Motorhome that features the Arctic Tern Product Collection from Tern Overland.


AEONrv Arctic Tern from Tern Overland Sprinters, Transits and Promaster vans, campers, trailers and custom truck builds.

AEONrv Motorhome Debuts at Overland Expo West With Big Power, Storage, And Tanks

Announcing New Partnership with Satsang Vanworks

We're excited to be partnering with Satsang Vanworks who offers a solution to a common problem faced when installing van windows.

Satsang Vanworks Window Jambs

Satsang Vanworks is a small custom van upfitter in Lafayette, Colorado who have developed a number of products to address common problems faced in van builds. Their first product is a line of custom window jambs made in collaboration with Tern Overland to be used with our Arctic Tern windows. These window jambs are specifically made for camper van conversions, and are available in two variations that serve two different purposes: an inner and an outer trim ring.


The inner trim ring solves a common problem of filling the gap between the window and the provided metal trim ring, eliminating rattling and creating a tight fit. The outer trim ring fills the void between the installed window and the finished interior wall of the van.


We're excited to be partnering with Satsang Vanworks who offers a solution to a common problem faced when installing van windows.


Click to learn more and order your own custom window jamb:

**Satsang spacer frames made to accommodate 35-44mm inner frame rings** 


Mike Graham, owner of Satsang Vanworks,

explains the difference between their outer trim rings (OTR) and inner trim rings (ITR) for Arctic Tern windows.

press to zoom

press to zoom

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Satsang Arctic Tern from Tern Overland Sprinters, Transits and Promaster vans, campers, trailers and custom truck builds.

Overland Expo West 2021


Tern Overland is gearing up to take part in the World's Premier Overlanding Event Series.

September 24-26, 2021
FT. Tuthill County Park in Flagstaff, Arizona

Stop by booth A1 and say "Hi!"


Overland Expo 2021 Arctic Tern from Tern Overland Sprinters, Transits and Promaster vans, campers, trailers and custom truck builds.
Teton Arctic Tern from Tern Overland Sprinters, Transits and Promaster vans, campers, trailers and custom truck builds.

TetonX visits Tern Overland


Our friends at TetonX stopped by

the shop for a visit on their way

through town.

We love visits from our OEMs


Expedition Portal David Soza Arctic Tern from Tern Overland Sprinters, Transits and Promaster vans, campers, trailers and custom truck builds.

Overland Journal Podcast Episode 43 : Interview with David Soza


Matt Swartz / April 30th, 2021

In episode 43 of the Overland Journal podcast, Scott Brady interviews David Soza on the merits of minimalism, along with the essential design considerations for expedition campers. They also take a deep dive into critical Tacoma modifications for strength and durability. David shares his experiences living remote and off the grid, along with lessons learned by just being still.


Scott Brady Interviews David Soza: polymath, engineer, and wanderer.



GlobeTrekker and Helicool's Helipad from YouTube collaborate on the install of Arctic Tern windows from Tern Overland.

Click below to see more videos by Dave Anderson of Helicool's Helipad or visit rvglobetrekker.com to check out some of their amazing builds.



GlobeTrekker video clip2.JPG
Globe Trekker_Logo_Color.webp

Tern Overland Wildlands Entry Door Gets "Best Door"
Rating on YouTube

Phil from YouTube channel "Down2Mob Overland" rates the Tern Overland Wildlands Entry Door "The BEST RV Truck Camper Door Ever?!"

Drew from Bison Overland gives an overview of the Wildlands Entry Door from Tern Overland.

Wildlands Door Arctic Tern from Tern Overland Sprinters, Transits and Promaster vans, campers, trailers and custom truck builds.


Visit Bison Overland Campers online:


Watch more YouTube videos
by  Down2Mob here:


Visit Down2Mob.com here:


Tern Overland is featured in Expedition Portal's
Small Business Spotlight

Scott Brady and David Soza discuss premium windows and doors for Overland vans and campers.

Click below to read all about Tern Overland, a small business located in Prescott, AZ, and the Arctic Tern Product Collection from Tern Overland.


Expedition Portal Arctic Tern from Tern Overland Sprinters, Transits and Promaster vans, campers, trailers and custom truck builds.

DIYvan offers 3D printed, custom roof hatch spacers for van roofs.

Roof Hatch spacer adapter Arctic Tern from Tern Overland Sprinters, Transits and Promaster vans, campers, trailers and custom truck builds.

For custom roof hatch adapter rings specific to your van model, order directly from DIYvan

DIYvan roof hatch spacers

Patent pending adapter matches the contour of the OEM roof so an Arctic Tern Roof Hatch mounts to a flat surface. Perimeter of adapter matches vent cover for best performance and appearance. Prevents distorting the roof sheet metal or vent flange. Can be used as an aid for locating the fan. Adapters are CNC machined out of UV and fire resistant expanded PVC. The vent mounts to the outside adapter. The outside adapter will fit anywhere along the center cargo area of the roof. We recommend that you seal the adapter and roof light after it is installed with a membrane sealant such as Dicor.

If you are ordering this for a Sprinter we can produce them for the NCV3 or VS30, 2007 to present.

The order may include interior support strips if needed.


Outside dimensions are 23 1/2" x 33"

Inside opening dimensions are 19.75" x 27.6"


Artic Tern Roof Hatch is not included.

Photo shown is on a Promaster.