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Do I need an adapter or spacer?

This depends on your build. If it is a van, most likely the answer is yes. Your wall needs to be flat and strong and fit into one of our inner frame ring ranges. Recommended materials to build spacers from can include any hard wood such as poplar, birch, or fir, as well as aluminum tubing. Do not use ply wood or other soft woods or any soft / flexy insulation material.

Do I need adhesive to install the window?

You will need adhesive or vhb tape to secure your spacer if you have a van, but do NOT use adhesive on the window. Using adhesive on the window will ruin the seal and cause leaking. The windows utilize screws and an inner frame ring to install, not adhesive. 

Can I install this myself or do I have to use a Certified Installer?

We encourage DIY! Most of our customers are DIY customers. Just read the instructions on fitment as well as installation, and you will be fine!

Certified Installers are here to help if you don't want to do the install yourself, but they are not required. You can do it yourself or have any builder do it for you.

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