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HydroArmor 7763

HydroArmor Undercoating

Tern Overland is proud be an authorized distributor of this high quality, water based, undercoating.

· Military and heavy industry grade undercoating

· Water based

· Provides extreme adhesion and corrosion resistance in any vehicle application

· Safe and easy to use for undercoating trucks, trailers and RVs


HydroArmor® 7763 is a sprayable latex undercoating designed for use on aluminum, fiberglass, cold rolled steel, galvanized steel and most metal primers. 

Color:  Black

As easy and safe to use and clean up as latex house paint.  HydroArmor® provides better protection than any of the competitive products without environmental and safety problems.



HydroArmor® is designed to be applied with airless spray equipment.  It resists water wash-off after air drying 30 minutes at 45% - 55% relative humidity.  If not baked it dries through in 24 hours or less (drying is slowed by high humidity and poor air circulation).  Until HydroArmor®  dries, overspray can be removed and equipment can be cleaned with water.  Dried material can be removed with methyl ethyl ketone.


$ 29.95 per aerosol can

$ 198.00 per gallon