Frequently Asked Questions

What size window should I order?

We are not builders, and all builds are different! We cannot tell you which size you should order; however we provide all of the neccesary tips and tools to help you decide which size will work best for you! Our Library page has a few tools that will help you such as: Considerations for Fitment, Van Conversions (video), Additional Dimensions (standard and metric), and Installation Guides for all of our products. Another trick you can try is making a cardboard cut out for the window size you are considering using the cuthole dimensions and holding it up for size. Remember measure twice- cut once! Inspiration from other customer and OEM builds can be found on our Gallery Page. Remember you still need to measure your rig before you start cutting holes! Pay close attention to our Considerations for Fitment PDF and Video on our Library Page.

How do I determine which wall thickness to order?

Wall thickness varies with how you are upfitting your build. The wall thickness will be the entire span from the edge of the outer wall to the edge of the inner wall including any insulation and finished surface. We offer four sizes of inner frame rings based on your wall thickness for windows: -24-34mm (15/16"-1 3/8" / .94"-1.34") -35-44mm (1 3/8"-1 3/4" / 1.34"-1.73") -45-54mm (1 3/4"- 2 1/8" / 1.73"-2.13") -64-74mm (2 1/2"- 3" / 2.51"-2.91") *The first three wall thickness options are included in the price of the window. The 64-74mm rings are $59. For cargo door/ entry door wall thickness: - Specify your wall thickness and the correct hardware will be included. Suitable for walls 24mm-52mm. For roof hatch thickness: -Specify roof thickness and the correct hardware will be included. Suitable for roofs 30mm-62mm. -Expansion ring available for roofs 62mm-84mm ($75).

What sizes do you offer?

All sizes are listed on the Product page. We do not offer custom sizes for one off builds. Some additional sizes are offered for orders of 50+ of that size. Contact us for details if you need an additional size.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept all major debit/credit cards and checks. Sorry, no PayPal. To pay for your order please call us at 928-642-3459 with your credit card information. We also offer online payment, contact us for details.

How will my order be shipped? How long does this take?

Orders are shipped via UPS Ground. Normal transit time is betwewen 1-5 business days (From Arizona). Shipments are sent out Wednesdays and Fridays. Payment must be recieved one day prior to ship date. UPS will send you the estimated delivery date and shipping updates to the email you provide. An adult signature is required for all orders over $100.

Do you ship internationally?

Currently shipping is available only in the US. Our Canadian distributor, Nomad Vanz, will fulfill all Canadian orders.

What do I do if my order is damaged in shipping?

Damage must be documented with UPS upon delivery before package acceptance. Contact Tern Overland immediately by email at, or by phone at 928-642-3459 immediately. Let us know which parts/items were damaged and include photos of the item and box within one business day. Any damage claims not documented within one business day with Tern Overland, or not noted with the delivery driver upon delivery shall be deemed "accepted as is", and is not eligible for coverage. Tern Overland will handle all claims internally, and a replacement will be sent to you after we recieve proof of shipment (return) for the damaged item. See Terms of Sale for more information. **Items damaged in shipment must be reported to Tern Overland immediately with proper documentation. Do not discard packaging.** If you purchased through one of our distributors, please contact them for replacement process immediately, following the same precautions.

How do I place an order?

To place an order please use our Order form or email Please include: -your name -phone number -shipping address -billing address -desired products / sizes -wall thickness A quote will be sent to you to approve and has a ship date on it. Once approved an Invoice will be sent with a payment link so you can pay for the order.

Do you have installers/builders near me?

Check out the new map feature on our Partners page! All of our OEM's are listed here with their contact information and website. This page is currently under construction.

What are the options for installing a window?

Traditional installation would have the exterior window frame and inner frame ring sandwich the exterior wall, insulation and interior finished wall. The screen and blind assembly would mount onto the surface of the interior finished wall. It is critical that you measure properly so we send you the correct inner frame ring. You can also inset or recess the blind and screen assembly like a typical residential house window with a casement surround. This method typically uses a 24-34mm ring. Be sure to take a look at the Window Installation Guide (On the Library Page) before installing.

What if I order the incorrect size or change my mind on what I want?

If an incorrect size is ordered, or if you decide you would like a different size, you will be responsible for the return shipping on the unwanted item, a 10% restocking fee, and the shipping on the new item (plus or minus any difference in item cost). Please repackage all returned items safely and securely so no damage occurs in shipping, or a refund may not be issued. Tern Overland will issue a return label with an RMA. Please do not return any products without contacting Tern Overland for your RMA number.

Do I need adhesive to install my window?

No, adhesive is not used in the installation of windows. The windows are installed with a series of screws. Be sure to read the Installation Guide carefully before attempting install.

Are the windows tinted? Can I tint them?

The windows are lightly tinted, and can be described as a "light smoke gray". The windows can not be further tinted, as it may trap gas between the acrylic and the tint, and damage the windows. Remember a blackout shade is included to offer full privacy!

Are the Arctic Tern Windows DOT Certified?

Yes! Our windows are DOT Certified, and meet very strict European ECE Standards. A certification sticker is on each window.

Do I need an adaptor / spacer?

It is always best to check the installation guide for the product you are inquiring about. Details about the installation requirements are located there.