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The Euro Door has been in such high demand, our manufacturer has sold out of all Euro Doors for 2019!

Tern Overland will be fully restocked with Euro Doors in Spring 2020. 

Thank you for your patience.

Arctic Tern Euro Door

 Arctic Tern Euro doors feature the styling and high quality typical in European camper components.  They feature a European made double locking system and European made acrylic glazing.  The double seals and considerable heft of these doors feel like a bank vault closing!


     These doors feature powder coated aluminum exterior surfaces, substantial insulation, and ABS interior panels.  Rounded corners prevent cracking in composite walls.  The double glazed window features a retractable roller blind.  This door includes a European, fine mesh roller screen door.  Available in right hinge only.


     Our doors are warranted by Tern Overland LLC for one year against defects in workmanship and materials.  See Terms of Sale.  We have a complete in house parts and service department.  This is truly a quality door!


Additional features:

  • Powder coated aluminum frame

  • Waste bin in door

  • ABAT vent

  • Sturdy interior handle

  • *optional matching keys, if you purchase cargo doors ($5 per lock)




  •  For wall thicknesses up to 52mm / 2.05”.  Must specify wall thickness when ordering.

  • Doors placed on curbside in North America must be right hinge only

  • Weight is 25.5kg (56lbs)

Install your Euro door with Silaprene SolidBond.  One full tube will do one roof hatch, one larger cargo door, or two smaller cargo doors.  Two tubes will do a large entry door.
$19.95/10 oz Tube  $215.40/Case 12 Tubes
No split cases

Euro Door Installation Guide

Terms of Sale

Silaprene SolidBond

Clean & Maintain your 
Arctic Tern Products with 
a NOVUS Kit.
Add to your order for only