Aterra Prototype

Tern Overland is excited to announce the unveiling of the Aterra Prototype!  We chose the Toyota Tacoma as the test vehicle for our revolutionary design since it has a limited load carrying capacity.  This prototype camper has a base weight of just 506 pounds with a very low center of gravity!  The performance of this truck/camper combination has met or exceeded all of our engineering markers.  


Our specialty is engineering and design, so when we went looking for a manufacturing partner, AT Overland was at the top of our list.  AT Overland has a long history of excellence in manufacturing, innovation, customer support, and marketing.  Through our partnership, AT Overland will be assembling, outfitting, and exclusively marketing this line of campers.  AT Overland begins this launch with a larger version of this camper called the Aterra XL.  Over time other models will be introduced.  For all inquiries regarding the Aterra line, contact AT Overland or click the link below.

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