Arctic Tern Overlander

Under Development

The Arctic Tern High Performance Overlander

     How do you define high performance?  Granite counter tops, walk in shower, and dish washer?  Maybe this is not for you.  Our idea of performance is light weight, extreme durability, maximum clearances, self-sufficiency, 4 season capability, and features that make long term travel in true overland conditions possible.  This is the next paradigm in adventure travel. If you have ever enjoyed travel by minimal means: bicycle, motorcycle, backpack, kayak etc., then you understand the joy of having all the best quality essentials with no excess. You recognize and value performance engineering over fluff.  You are a consummate overland traveler.  You may be a candidate for an Arctic Tern!


     We have struggled with the term “camper” throughout our development process.  The term just carries too much baggage that does not apply to what we are doing.  Once we utter the term, we have to immediately start back peddling on why our unit is NOT a “camper” in the traditional sense.  Even thinking in terms of a “camper”, limits our thought process......So, we adopted the word “Overlander” to refer to our truck based living quarters.  We design and engineer Overlanders.

     We expect to be able to share some details about our work later this year! 



   David Soza, CEO

   Tern Overland LLC