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Arctic Tern North American Door


Arctic Tern North American doors are a top quality choice for those who want a tradition screen door, suitable for pets.  This door features top quality American made Trimark paddle latches. 


These doors feature powder coated aluminum exterior and interior surfaces, and substantial insulation.  Rounded corners prevent cracking in composite walls.  The tempered glass window features an aluminum security mesh.  This door includes a North American styled aluminum alloy screen door with a heavy duty aluminum mesh bottom section.  Available in right hinge only.


Additional features:

     * Powder coated aluminum frame

     * Sturdy interior handle  


  1. Doors placed on curbside in North America should be right hinge only

  2. Weight is 20kg (44.2 lbs)

  3. Pass through dimensions: 70" x 22 1/4" 

North American Door Installation Guide