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Arctic Tern Product Collection

Arctic Tern Cargo Doors

Arctic Tern cargo doors feature powder-coated aluminum skins and frames with substantial foam insulation.  The locks are European-made and provide secure weather-tight sealing.  Rounded corners prevent cracking in composite walls.  Gas struts are available for most doors.  Doors ordered without gas struts will ship with a door holder clip.  These sleek cargo doors provide the perfect finish to any build.


Our cargo doors are warranted by Tern Overland LLC for one year against defects in workmanship and materials.  We have a complete in house parts and service department. 


Additional features:

  • Includes one latch on doors 700mm wide or less, two latches on larger doors.

  • All doors open 180 degrees (130 degrees with gas struts)

  • Optional gas struts are available for doors with height 400mm or greater

  • Doors must be mounted with the hinge in its assigned position (ie, a top hinge door must be mounted with the hinge on top)

  • Optional matching keys, if you purchase multiple cargo doors, or entry doors (add $5 per lock)

  • Add Bostik adhesive to your order for installation. One full tube will do one roof hatch, one larger cargo door, or two smaller cargo doors. Two tubes (or one sausage) will do an entry door. 


  1. Top hinge hatch - 2 gas struts

  2. Side hinge hatch - 1 gas strut (Looking at the exterior of door) 

  3. Matching keyed locks / Euro & Wildlands entry doors must be ordered at same time. 

Install your cargo door with Bostik 70-05A Adhesive. 

One full tube will do one roof hatch, one larger cargo door, or two smaller cargo doors. Two tubes will do a large entry door.

Clean & Maintain your Arctic Tern Products with a NOVUS Kit.

Minimum wall thickness: 30mm. 

Cut Hole Radius = 71mm

Fitment of Cargo Doors vary from build to build.

Download guides from this page or visit our Resources page for measurement and fitment guides. 

Order these Arctic Tern Cargo Doors through our online retailers but be sure to check out our Outlet page

for special deals directly from Tern Overland.  Shipped directly from us in a matter of days.

Cargo Doors
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