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Arctic Tern Product Collection


What the heck is AirFlo?

We are super excited about the AirFlo textile that we are offering.  Anytime you need high airflow or a soft yet compression-resistant textile. 

Features: 100% polyester, warp knit, high breathability, lightweight, comfortable, durable washable, quick dry, anti-fungal, thickness 10mm

Do you have a mold problem under your mattress?  Would you like more air flow under your seat upholstery?  Buying AirFlo by the linear yard will allow you to have as much as you need to complete your projects.


Use under dog pads or as the bed itself, under a laptop or other electronics to reduce heat, under tools to quiet the rattle, in dish cabinets or to dry wet dishes.


AirFlo by the Lineal Yard

AirFlo is only available in white, no edging. Will not fray or unravel.

Lineal yard: 78 3/4" wide $82. Full yards only.

Whole Roll: 38 yards per roll $3,088.00

60" - 78 3/4" = Queen Size Pad $124

*Create more air flow under your existing mattress!

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