We at Tern Overland have been adventuring and traveling for 50 years by backpack, mountain bike, car, expeditionary vehicle and motorcycle.  We have spent months and even years at a time living the minimalist traveler lifestyle, in some of the harshest, and most beautiful environments imaginable.  This body of experience has deeply influenced our approach to traveling.

In a world where your prowess as a traveler may be measured by how much you manage to take with you, we are challenging that notion with a collection of the best, most functional, most innovative, and highest quality products to streamline your travel adventures.  Our products are simple by design, well built and reflect the depth of experience that we bring to this venture. 

We chose the Arctic Tern for our logo because it is the most capable migratory animal on earth; a 4 ounce bird that travels 44,000 miles each year, from pole to pole.  It achieves this through immaculate design and efficiency.  It is a concept that we embrace in every aspect of our traveling creations.

David’s fascination with adventure travel started at the age of 14, when he took his first 4 day solo packing trip into the Catalina Mountains of Arizona.  David built his very first overland vehicle in 1976; 41 years ago.  It was an offroad VW beetle modified inside to be a one man sleeper/camper.  David has built a number of expeditionary vehicles, including one that was featured in a prominent offroad magazine. David intimately understands the challenges of extended minimalist travel. His extensive engineering knowledge is the driving factor in Tern Overland's high quality and engineering mastery. 

David Soza 

Co Founder / CEO / Engineer 

Nadene was Tern Overland's first addition to the team and brings with her extensive experience in quality control and order fulfillment. She has been traveling vicariously through books since she learned how to read and as an adult has been an avid traveler through the US and Canada. Nadene is partially retired and enjoys road trips, hiking and being close to family, splitting her time between Arizona and Montana. One of her challenges has been successfully navigating through a kidney transplant in 2017. She’s healthier now than ever before!  Nadene thoroughly enjoys spending time with her five amazing grandsons. 

Nadene Conley

Order Fulfillment Specialist

Ethan joined the team in January 2020. Graduating in 2017 with a B.S. in Aerospace Engineering from Embry-Riddle in Prescott, Arizona, Ethan uses his knowledge of engineering principles to overcome the challenges encountered during R&D in the Tern Overland shop. Transplanting from the NASA Mission Control Center in Houston, Texas, Ethan has made himself at home in the mountains of Northern Arizona and is a regular at the local climbing areas. An avid traveler and baker, in his free time you will find Ethan baking bread and planning his next trip abroad.

Ethan Higgins

Engineer, R&D Technician

Lake and Mountains Landscape

Aimee has been intrigued with traveling since she was a young child camping with her parents throughout the West. She is the mother of three engineers who are world travelers as well. They have traveled as a family or solo to many countries around the world and have been to five of the seven continents. Aimee handles most aspects of the operations at Tern Overland. If she is not at the office she can be found exploring by truck or sailboat, on a hiking trail or snuggled up with a good book. 

Aimee Higgins

Co Founder / COO 

Gentle Stream

Taidyme joined the Tern Overland team in April 2019. Her  background in office administration and shipping is heavily utilized at Tern Overland. From the beginning to the end of ordering, Taidyme is there guide and assist every customer. In addition to working full time at Tern Overland, she is also a full time pre-nursing student. She aspires to one day be a Pediatric Nurse while traveling in her dream overlanding-rig.  In her free time you will find her hiking with her Australian Shepherd Koda, exploring nature, attending concerts, or playing softball. 

Taidyme Mae

Operations Assistant


Bao is a 2 year old Blue Heeler/Cattle Dog who loves to help in the shop by scooting his bone under cabinets, visitor notification, and making sure employee moral is always high. His favorite things to do include hiking, taking naps, chewing on rib bones and most importantly, playing ball. 


Shop Dawg, Head of Security