We at Tern Overland have been adventuring and traveling for 47 years by backpack, mountain bike, car, expeditionary vehicle and motorcycle.  We have spent months and even years at a time living the minimalist traveler lifestyle, in some of the harshest, and most beautiful environments imaginable.  This body of experience has deeply influenced our approach to traveling.


     Among our core principles is the belief that the greatest luxuries are the ones you don’t have to carry, the systems you don’t have to maintain, and the widgets you don’t have to keep track of.  In the backpacking world, the fewer, smaller, and lighter the items you carry, the smaller your pack and tent can be.  We used to think about how great a hammock would feel at the end of a day; but then realized that in order to enjoy it for.... maybe an hour?, we might be carrying it for 10 hours!  Not such a great trade.  That smaller, lighter pack makes you able to reach destinations that you would never see loaded down with goodies.  A traveling vehicle is governed by the same principles.  While you might not feel the pain directly on your back, your vehicle will feel it, and will be limited by it. Travel light, travel small, and feel the freedom it brings!

     In a world where your prowess as a traveler may be measured by how much you manage to take with you, we are challenging that notion with a collection of the best, most functional, most innovative, and highest quality products to streamline your travel adventures.  Our products are simple by design, well built and reflect the depth of experience that we bring to this venture. 


     We chose the Arctic Tern for our logo because it is the most capable migratory animal on earth; a 4 ounce bird that travels 44,000 miles each year, from pole to pole.  It achieves this through immaculate design and efficiency.  It is a concept that we embrace in every aspect of our traveling creations.

David Soza
Co-founder/Chief Executive Officer

David’s fascination with adventure travel started at the age of 14, when he took his first 4 day solo packing trip into the Catalina Mountains of Arizona.  David built his very first overland vehicle in 1976; 41 years ago.  It was an offroad VW beetle modified inside to be a one man sleeper/camper. Over the last 4 decades, David has traveled hundreds of thousands of miles, for years at a time, by 4 wheeled vehicle, backpack, motorcycle, and mountain bike.  David has built a number of expeditionary vehicles, including one that was featured in a prominent offroad magazine. David intimately understands the challenges of extended minimalist travel.


Aimee Higgins
Co-founder/Chief Operating Officer

     Aimee has been intrigued by travel since a young child.  She grew up camping in the mountains of Colorado and Montana and roaming the beaches and forests of Oregon. She is the mother of three engineers and world travelers in their own right. They have traveled as a family or solo to many countries around the world and have been to 5 of the 7 continents. Aimee handles most aspects of the operations at Tern Overland, including marketing and OEM relations. If she is not at the office she can be found traveling, in the garden or on a hiking trail.


David Soza 

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