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The Arctic Tern migrates 44,000 miles a year.

It is a capable traveler that has incredible endurance.

How many miles will you travel this year?

Make sure your equipment is capable and engineered for endurance.

Tern Overland was born from the vision that travelers deserve the ultimate living environment in a package that is capable of true overland adventure.  All of our components were chosen or created with that simple goal in mind. 


We do not just sell windows, hatches, or doors.  We sell the components that enhance your security, comfort and travel experience.  That is our commitment.

    Our corporate culture is one of trust, honesty, cooperation, shared responsibility, and shared reward.  Ask anyone who works here about those core beliefs.  It is why we come to work, and it is reflected in everything we do.

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Join us at these 2020 Events

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Overland Expo West

May 15-17

Flagstaff AZ

Rocky Mountain Overland Rally 

July 31- August 2

Gunnison CO

Mountain West Overland Expo 

August 28-30

Loveland CO

New Products

Tern Overland is proud to announce the latest additions to their overland capable product line. 

Click on the photos to learn more about these great products.

Arctic Tern 450x500mm Window.jpg
Wildlands Trailer Door Open.jpg
AirFlo Pad 2.jpg

450x500mm / 17.83" x 19.80" Arctic Tern Window including shade and screen assembly. 24-34, 34-44, 44-54 wall thickness.

Available Now


New Inner Frame Ring Size for Arctic Tern windows in 64 - 74mm/2.5" - 3". Available now for all sizes excluding 450x500mm. 

$39 each

Arctic Tern Wildlands Entry Door

Full Size $999 Cut hole: 71 3/4"x 24 1/2"

Mid Size $ 933 Cut hole: 54" x 26"

Trailer Size $899 Cut hole: 42 1/4" x 26 1/8"

Available Now

AirFlo Pads & Queen Mattresses

Comfortable, lightweight, durable, washable, quick dry, and anti-microbial. Thickness 10mm / .39" Purchase by the linear yard or buy precut, edged sizes. OEMs - whole rolls available.

Click on photo for link to sizes,

availability & pricing

Silaprene SolidBond.jpg

Silaprene SolidBond Adhesive 

Formulated for assembly and repair in the heavy trucking industry. Replaces rivets and mechanical fasteners in many applications. Combines high strength and vibration resistance. Safe and easy to use.

Available now in white or black

$19.95 per 10oz Tube

$215.40 per case ($17.95/tube)