Announcing New Partnership
with Satsang Vanworks

We're excited to be partnering with Satsang Vanworks who offers a solution to a common problem faced when installing van windows.

ATERRA Prototype

Tern Overland is excited to announce the unveiling of the Aterra Prototype.

This proof of concept will launch a collaborative partnership with AT Overland who will be assembling,

upfitting and marketing an Aterra XL Flatbed version later this year. This Aterra Prototype,

a one-off build and fit up, was for a private customer and is not available commercially. 

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Arctic Tern bird

The Arctic Tern migrates 44,000 miles a year.

It is a capable traveler that has incredible endurance.

How many miles will you travel?

Make sure your equipment is capable and engineered for endurance.

Our products are simple by design, innovative, engineered, well built and reflect the depth of experience that we bring to this business venture. We depend on our products for our own adventures and feel confident in offering them to you for your next outdoor experience.